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Passions, Pies and Partridges

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Name:Shuu Nagino
Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:United States of America
Name: Shuu Nagino
Age: 24
Occupation: Science Teacher/Home Room teacher
Character PB/Icon: Shuu Iwamine from Hatoful boyfriend (Look it up I dare you!)

Character history: Born on December 21 in Shinjukuku-ward in Tokyo around the Oiwa Inari Tamiya Jinja Shrine to a father that was a baker and a mother that was a stay at home wife. Shuu grew up enjoying his father’s bakery and as a child Shuu became obsessed with pies. Pies of every sort of filling became his staple and he desired to make the ultimate pie with just the perfect filling. His mother noticed his perchance for experimenting and decided to enroll him in a science club that allowed him to build and experiment. Shuu became interested in science when he learned that it, like baking, had methods and allowed people to create new forms. Because of this he decided to go into studying a variety of sciences as a teenager, while still experimenting on various forms of pies.

Due to his obsession, Shuu was a bit of an outcast and a loner. He would occupy his school life by reading the classic works of Dr. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly, and Dracula by Brahms Stoker. He also studied up on various doctors and scientist over the years, diving deeper and deeper into what seemed like ghoulish tastes, including that of Jack the ripper. In college he would lock himself in his dorm room, bringing all sorts of odd and ends, including pieces of bone from the biology lab, into the room to do things with. No one was ever quite sure what he did in there, and no one wanted to find out. In the end he graduated as a top honor student double majoring in Chemistry and physics, with a minor in culinary arts, oddly enough. His apartment is covered in horror like items and stuff that deals with the occult in the idea of ghosts and ghouls; there are also some odd alchemic symbols on his walls as decorations that he likes. He also has various inventions of his around the apartment, though most don’t work perfectly as of yet.

His most recent job is as one of the science teachers at the high school in Hiyako, though he does substitute in the middle and grammar school. He also can double as a nurse if the need comes up but for some reason the nurse never calls in sick. Shuu tends to always be covered in red substances, and seems to have procured a reputation at his job, where people steer clear of him. He’s constantly in a state of muttering thought, carrying around a red stained knife in his pocket. He’s proud of the fact that his brother took over his dad’s shop but is a bit jealous of that. The students have noticed he tends to bring odd things in dirty bags into his lab, and in some cases they hear the terrified screams of staff coming from his classrooms in the evening before the school is locked up. Rumor has it ghosts are following him wherever he goes. Owns a Chukar partridge named Ichijoji, he calls him Ichi.

Personality: Shuu is creepy. He comes off as very odd given his mild mannered disposition. He talks lovingly of slicing into things with quick cuts and the color red a lot. He’s a nice guy though, constantly smiling, though the smile comes off as one a serial killer would own. He’s willing to listen to students and help them when he can, but he’s always preoccupied by something or other, though he will never tell people what that is. Ever the cheerful sort he’s willing to do his best and is obsessed with stuff. He tends to be cool when talking to others in a slow monotone type of voice and enjoys chuckling with a hohohoho. At times he’s oblivious to what’s going on around him, and he seems to have a bit of an eccentric streak to him.

Appearance: Standing at 6 feet tall, Shuu is the gangly sort of guy, with violet colored eyes and wears red rimmed frame glasses. He grew his brown hair out due to just being too busy to get it cut, he got used to it so he kept it. Shuu loves the color purple and ties his hair up with a purple ribbon that Ichi pecks at a lot when he’s on him. Normal dress includes a dress shirt, stripped tie, vest, black pants and a lab coat, which he got from his mom upon graduating from University. Outside of school, it’s turtle necks, black jeans and a sweater usually. He tends to dress up more than anything. He’s never worn gym shoes outside of school, and doesn’t really like boots or anything too ostentatious.

Possible weapon: Butcher Knife that he uses to cut pies.
Accessory: Notebook with all his notes from cooking and inventing. It was his dads and now it’s his.

Primary Element: Dark
Secondary Element: Bolt

Interests (5):

cake boss, cook books, cooking network, dance of the sugar plum fairy, horror classics
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